offsite backup


Why waste your money on having duplicate data drives at your studio?  If there is a fire, or theft, or flood, etc., you aren’t any more protected than if you never had a backup in the first place.  It’s time to think about putting your eggs in different baskets.

Our backup service is SIGNIFICANTLY different than those cheap “all you can eat” online providers such as Carbonite, Mozy, Amazon etc.  Those services require that you upload all of your data over your internet connection, and then re-download all that data again in the event of an emergency.  Do you know how long it would take a photographer to upload their entire library to back it up?  (Months!)  You cannot run your business this way.  You cannot rely on months of upload and then months of download if you needed your data back.

Starting on Day 1 when you sign up for our backup service, we provide an empty Drobo to duplicate all the data at your studio.  Within a single day we capture all of your data and you are instantly protected.  We then utilize our custom built software to securely connect your data to our servers and keep your backup constantly up-to-date.  Here’s the kicker - in an emergency data loss, you simply let us know and we’ll ship our matching Drobo to your studio and you have ALL OF YOUR DATA BACK immediately!  You don’t have to wait months to try to download anything.  It’s true peace of mind.

Best Insurance For your Business

Not only do we constantly backup all of the data that is located at your studio, but we also keep a 60 day retention of deleted, changed, moved, or lost files.

If you made a change to a photo, but forgot to keep the original and want to get it back - you can!

If you realize a month later that you accidentally deleted a client’s entire album - you can get it back!

You have peace of mind with 100% backup of your current data, as well as 60 days worth of changes.