Redundancy in your Studio


One in ten hard drives fails over the course of a year.  If you have ten hard drives in use in your studio, you can count on losing at least one of them this year alone!  So PROTECT yourself.

Recently, we visited the studio of our of our favorite clients.  He had hard drives strewn about his studio connected to different computers, and was struggling to find what data was where.  It was a nightmare to try to figure out how to even backup the most important data.

Then we introduced him to the world of Drobo.  We consolidated all of his external hard drive data into ONE single Drobo and finally all of his data was available on his network to all users at the same time.  It also has built in hard drive failure protection.  If a drive dies, you simply replace it on the fly, with no downtime or buttons to push.  The Drobo will rebuild its protection and you never lose a single piece of data.

Talk to us about which Drobo product best fits your current and future growth plans for your studio.  There are simple, single user 4-Bay models or more advanced gigabit ethernet 8-bay models for larger studio needs.  We offer great discounts on Drobo units for clients that subscribe to the offsite BACKUP service we offer.

Click on the video below to learn about the Drobo:

The Drobo adds REDUNDANCY to your workflow.  You are protected against any single hard drive failure at any time, and the Drobo will automatically rebuild your data on the fly.  No loss of data, no down time, no software management, no buttons to push.

FORGET about hard drive failure problems in your studio.

  1. Drobo 4 Bay (Up to 16TB) - MSRP $399

  2. Drobo Pro 8 Bay (Up to 32TB) - MSRP $1499

    1. Get 25% off your Drobo when you sign up for Offsite Data Backup

Eliminate the Hard Drive Headaches